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Reach active accredited investors that want to hear from you on a weekly basis with an automated newsletter and sponsorships. Exclusive to InvestReady accredited investor verification platform customers.

List your Reg D 506c for up to 1 year

Hurry, limited time offer. We will be raising the price and/or shortening the list time next year or sooner, depending on the demand.

Advertise to approved accredited investors on a monthly basis

Reach users with at least $1M in net worth or $200,000 in income the past two years.

Reach Opted-in Active, Verified, Accredited Investors

Every single recipient of the IN by InvestReady newsletter is not only an investor, not only accredited, but also has an active, unexpired, third party letter and certification which allows them to invest in various US deals they otherwise would not be able to invest in.

Weekly Offers

  • Include a title, text, min investment, tags, and URL to send them to.

  • Randomly ordered every week, can be entered once and delivered daily until a stop date or in perpetuity

  • Available only to InvestReady accredited investor platform partners

  • Investors will be emailed at the time they are approved and weekly until their verification expires or they unsubscribe.

Ads with Images

  • Each newsletter issue includes four (4) sponsorship opportunities.

  • The top and middle monthly ads include an image, title, text, and URL to send the investor to and are located at the top of the newsletter.

  • The two bottom slots do not include an image.

  • Platforms can add ad content through the IN portal.

Are You IN?

If you are an InvestReady partner already or would be interested in becoming one in order to participate in this program, please enter your information below and one of our representatives will contact you.


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